Offset your team’s carbon & plastic footprints

Create a strong environmentally conscious culture and lead your business into a sustainable future.
Use our Climate API to integrate impact into any business use case and benefit from real time emissions insights.
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As individuals, we care deeply about the environment and built our business to provide a net benefit. We go about this in a number of ways and Greenspark really helps us achieve it.
Ret Taylor
Co-CEO, Ned
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Offset employee carbon and plastic footprints

Offset your entire team’s carbon and plastic footprints. This includes their personal and professional lives as well as everything in-between! Take your impact even further by planting additional trees for each team member.

Purchase additional impact

Support projects that mean the most to you and fund exactly as much impact as you like at any time. From tree planting to carbon offsetting, support the best solutions and know that you’re maximising your positive impact.

Share that you care

Effectively communicate your earth-positive impact with the people that matter most. Share your public profile, impact metrics, dashboard, newsletters and more with your team and customers to engage them in your sustainability journey.

Track and manage

Track your planet positive impact through your personalised dashboard. Get a quick overview or dive deep into your impact analytics and learn more about your supported projects.

Purpose-driven brands perform better with

higher levels of innovation in the organisation
of customers are more likely to buy from a brand with purpose
higher employee retention and
*Data from Deloitte & Forbes
We love Greenspark due to the easy to use dashboard which enables us to do good in the world and create a positive impact for every employee within seconds! We are looking forward to the future and can recommend Greenspark to every business.
Johannes Benz
Managing Director, Raidboxes
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Our community impact
Every 18 seconds the Greenspark community takes action on climate change. We're stronger together.
trees planted by our community
1.9 million
plastic bottles rescued
kilograms of CO2 offset to date
Environmental impact is something our customers and teams care deeply about. Greenspark helps us take measurable and meaningful action across our business.
Elliot Blackler
Co-Founder, Evopure
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