Automate your impact strategy

Take environmental action in seconds. Easily integrate impact into the apps you already use and plant trees, rescue ocean-bound plastic and offset carbon emissions in thousands of ways.

Connect in seconds

Choose from our wide range of integrations and connect your favourite apps in seconds. Put your impact strategy on autopilot without the need for any technical skills.
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View all integrations

Add impact to every order

Elevate your brand by adding environmental action to every order. Create one-time impact no matter how many items your customer purchases.

Product-level impact management

Run specific product and category campaigns with granular control over which products make impact. Take your customers on your sustainability journey by adding tailored badges to individual product descriptions.

Basket-based impact

Rally your customers around your mission and drive up average order value by setting impact above a certain basket size or rewarding your customers with extra impact once they pass the desired order value.

Tiered spend level impact

Motivate customers to spend more by offering impact rewards based on their order total. Maximize your impact while staying within set limits.

Portion of sales

Showcase your commitment by allocating a percentage of your sales to a chosen impact. Let our platform handle the distribution and demonstrate your dedication.

Incentivise newsletter subscribers

Incentivise new newsletter subscribers by offering an impact for signing up. Simply integrate your email service, turn on the automation and let our system do the rest.

Reviews that matter

Reviews are important to collect but difficult to get. Incentivise subscribers by offering an impact for each product or company review! Its quick and easy to integrate your reviews platform and choose your automation.
Greenspark has ensured that our store makes a positive environmental impact with every sale we make. It was easy to integrate and extremely affordable.
Nick Munro
Director, Nick Munro UK
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