Increasing Revenue Through Positive Climate Action

Businesses are asking themselves: “Is sustainability worth it?” Based on a recent study Shape World conducted whilst using the Greenspark platform, the answer is a resounding yes!
December 13, 2023
increase in add-to-cart rate
increase in conversion rate
increase in overall revenue
Shape World
Shape World is a player in the vitamin and supplement space, selling premium functional food online.
Vitamins & Supplements
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Increasing Revenue With Climate Action
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In 2021, annual ethical spending in the UK reached new heights, surpassing £100bn for the very first time. It’s abundantly clear that sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers, so it’s paramount that brands address this demand.

However, with the added costs sustainability can sometimes carry, the hard work required to maintain it and some uncertainty from consumers, many businesses ask themselves: “Is it worth it?”

Based on a recent study Shape World conducted whilst using the Greenspark platform, the answer is a resounding yes!

Customer Spotlight

Building trust and efficacy is crucial for Shape World as a player in the vitamin and supplement space. To help implement an effective review strategy, the brand turned to eCommerce agency Ondevi for support. 

On Ondevi’s recommendation, Shape World joined Greenspark and integrated its best-of-breed tech stack with measurable positive impact.

The use of Greenspark for Shape World, a client with many customers dealing with the health and sustainability segment, was very obvious to us, so we proposed the integration in conjunction with an A/B test. - Ondevi

Since the spring of 2022, Shape World has been using Greenspark to:

  • Rescue one piece of ocean-bound plastic for every email subscriber through their Klaviyo account.
  • Offset 1kg of CO2e for every order placed on their Shopify store.
  • Plant one tree for every review submitted through

Shape World uses a dynamic Greenspark widget to highlight its impact on individual product pages.

With support from Ondevi, Shape World researched how its environmental mission also impacted revenue, conversion and order value.  Through statistically significant A/B tests, they found implementing ecological has some very positive results for their metrics across the board. 

Since integrating sustainable impact into their operations, they’ve seen their add-to-cart rate increase by an average of 7.50%, with a boost to their on-site conversion rate of 8.66% across the board. 

Not only this, but they saw a healthy boost to overall revenue of 10.50% when clearly highlighting their environmental impact to site visitors. 

Other metrics were boosted, too, with an increase in revenue per website visitor of 10.33% and a rise in average order value of 1.81%. 

Clearly, for Shape World, integrating climate action into their online store is not just good for the planet but also for their on-site success as well. 

We saw a positive uplift in every notable metric in the e-commerce space. The results were very positive for us. - Shape World

In a previous study, Shape World, alongside Ondevi and, investigated how environmental impact affects customer engagement rates and found that 86% of its customers would leave feedback if it benefited the environment. From this, they also learnt that 84% would sign up for company newsletters if trees were planted or plastic was removed from the ocean

Shape World’s findings show that consumers actively engage with companies that embed sustainability into their communications and sales.

And on top of this business success, Shape World and its customers are taking tangible impactful climate action every day, fighting back against climate change. 

Final thoughts

Shape World is proving implementing a focus on sustainable action can benefit the planet and its on-site success. Their sustainable strategy has elevated its review collection with and driven a consistent increase in sales. Taking the time to listen to consumers' demands has boosted Shape World's key business areas and further deepened its connection with its customer base. 

If you'd like to learn how to achieve similar results within your business, feel free to email us or book a call with one of our team today.

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