Reducing Your Pet's Pawprint through Climate Action

We hear a lot about our individual carbon footprints, but what do you know about your pet’s environmental “pawprint”?
December 13, 2023
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Dec's Pets
Starting out as a small independent business in 2018, Dec’s Pets has grown from a local pet store into one of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands in Ireland. They are a family-run business and came together to create something special for animals and the environment.
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We hear a lot about our individual carbon footprints, but what do you know about your pet’s environmental “pawprint”? A UCLA study found that US dogs and cats are responsible for roughly 64 million tons of CO2 emissions each year simply down to their diet;  about the same as those produced by a staggering 13.6 million cars.

Our pets negatively impact the planet in many ways, but their most significant impact is due to their generally heavy meat-based diets and the waste that comes with them. In 2020, researchers found that we need farming land twice the size of the UK just to keep up with the current global demand for pet food. Then, once the food is produced, 7.6 billion food containers are required in the UK alone to package it. 

With animal ownership growing yearly and the demand for food, toys and medicine snowballing, what can we do to reduce our beloved four-legged friend’s environmental impact?

Based on a recent study by Dec’s Pets conducted whilst using the Greenspark platform, part of the solution could be through positive impact. 

Customer Spotlight

Starting as a small independent business in 2018, Dec’s Pets has developed into one of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands in Ireland. 

Sustainability has been a considerable part of their business strategy from the beginning. Their store was built with recycled materials for shelving and flooring, and they upcycled old bathtubs from landfills to reuse them as fish tanks. The whole team has worked tirelessly to create a more sustainable business model to fight against waste and plastic pollution within the pet industry. 

“At Dec’s Pets, we believe sustainability goes beyond reducing our environmental impact. We are committed to a holistic approach prioritising social responsibility and community involvement. For example, we support and partner with local community and animal charities in Ireland and run multiple fundraisers throughout the year.” - Declan oKeefe, founder of Dec’s Pets.

Since becoming a leading online pet retailer in Ireland, Dec’s Pets has also decided to help the environment through positive climate impact using the Greenspark platform. 

“We came across Greenspark via another business here in Ireland, and once we delved into it, we thought it was a brilliant initiative and something we had to be a part of. The transparency it now gives our customers is unique, and the fact that it can help increase sales is an added bonus.”

Since October 2022, Dec’s Pets has been using Greenspark to plant one tree and rescue one ocean-bound plastic bottle for every order over €50. They’ve achieved this by integrating their WooCommece store directly with their Greenspark account and creating automatic triggers so that this strategy runs entirely on autopilot.

They’re also using Greenspark widgets to highlight their impact at crucial conversion points throughout the customer journey and, as a result, have seen a positive uplift in key business metrics.

Since integrating positive climate action into their business, they’ve seen a 21% increase in their average order value. While it’s common to see consumers increase their basket spend for free shipping, Dec’s Pets has found that customers are also willing to spend more when they know their purchase is making a positive environmental impact. 

Not only this, but they have seen a 6% increase in their add-to-cart rate and an 8.56% in overall conversion rate. 

For Dec’s Pets, these findings have shown that consumers actively search for sustainable pet supplies and are willing to spend more when purchasing positively impacts the planet. Their results also show that ethical consumerism is not only great for the environment but also for business, including revenue and brand loyalty. 

Final Thoughts

Through their research, Dec’s Pets show that climate impact can simultaneously have a tremendous effect on the environment and business. In fact, not only does it help retain a solid customer base, but it encourages new customers to join their community. 

“We have had tons of positive feedback through reviews, emails and social media responses. Most of our customers express how delighted they are that their purchase is impacting the world we live in. Working with Greenspark has strengthened our customer relationship, increased brand loyalty, and attracted new customers.”

If you'd like to learn how to achieve similar results within your business, email us or book a call with one of our team today.

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