Sparking action
on climate change

We created Greenspark to tackle the greatest challenges facing the world today and give you the tools to take action.

Dedicated to doing more for our planet

Greenspark was founded on the belief that “business as normal” simply won’t cut it anymore.

We see every business—big or small—as a powerful force for good.

So we created a platform to set you on the path to sustainability. Where you can create automated positive impact in seconds and take environmental action every day.

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Inspiring Change

We’re a dedicated team of optimists that care deeply about the planet and energising others to do more to protect it.

We came together to create something that could harness our collective power to create real and meaningful impact.

We’re here to inspire you into taking action and leading the world into a sustainable future.

Maximising Your Impact

We’re all about helping you do the most for the planet in a way that makes sense for your business and connects with your community.

That’s why you’ll directly support planet positive projects that are vetted and verified to ensure the greatest possible social and environmental impact.
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View projects

Start making a positive impact today

Clear on transparency

We keep a public ledger of every payment we have made to projects so that you can be sure where your money goes.
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View ledger

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