Sparking action
on climate change

We created Greenspark to tackle the greatest challenges facing the world today and give you the tools to take action.

Our community impact

Together we are stronger. Check out the positive impact Greenspark members have had to date.

kilograms of CO2 offset
to date
trees planted by
our community
plastic bottles rescued
by Greenspark members

Dedicated to doing more for our planet

Greenspark was founded on the belief that “business as normal” simply won’t cut it anymore.

We see every business—big or small—as a powerful force for good.

So we created a platform to set you on the path to sustainability. Where you can create automated positive impact in seconds and take environmental action every day.

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Inspiring Change

We’re a dedicated team of optimists that care deeply about the planet and energising others to do more to protect it.

We came together to create something that could harness our collective power to create real and meaningful impact.

We’re here to inspire you into taking action and leading the world into a sustainable future.

Maximising Your Impact

We’re all about helping you do the most for the planet in a way that makes sense for your business and connects with your community.

That’s why you’ll directly support planet positive projects that are vetted and verified to ensure the greatest possible social and environmental impact.
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View projects

Start making a positive impact today

Clear on transparency

We keep a public ledger of every payment we have made to projects so that you can be sure where your money goes.
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View ledger

Our leadership team

People are talking

"Easy to set up integrations, very helpful and friendly support, nicely designed choice of badges to add to our site and a good range of options for impact to add. Useful ideas in newsletters and always seem to be striving to improve."
Sky Procter
Artist & Founder, Sky Siouki
"As individuals, we care deeply about the environment and built our business to provide a net benefit. We go about this in a number of ways and Greenspark really helps us achieve it."
Ret Taylor
Co-CEO, Ned
"We love how simple it is to integrate with WooCommerce, automating how many trees we plant, how much plastic we remove from the ocean and offsetting our carbon footprint. And the handy widgets that we use on our website and in our emails."
Mike Davies
Founder, Prints With Personality
"Greenspark provides an authentic solution which can easily be integrated into our existing systems, and quickly demonstrates to our customers that we are doing our bit for the environment."
Laurence Conisbee
Managing Director, Wharf Distillery
"The ability to share your contribution and display it on your website to encourage others to do the right thing is fantastic."
Jean-francois Rupp
Owner, Alpine Nature Experience
“Environmental impact is something our customers and teams care deeply about. Greenspark helps us take measurable and meaningful action across our business.”
Elliot Blackler
Co-Founder, Evopure
"Greenspark really was a no brainer for us. As a brand looking to further its social responsibility, it’s allowed us to be transparent with our positive impact and actively support the case for climate reform. It’s helped our business enormously and is now a firm part of the brands’ sustainability plan."
Keri Andriana
CEO & Founder, Amschela
"We love Greenspark due to the easy to use dashboard which enables us to do good in the world and create a positive impact for every employee within seconds! We are looking forward to the future and can recommend Greenspark to every business."
Johannes Benz
Managing Director, Raidboxes

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