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with the world

Engage with your customers and rally them around your mission by seamlessly sharing the impact you are having with Greenspark.

Your public profile

Give your customers a detailed overview of your mission and the impact you have had so far. Easily share your public profile or embed it directly into your website.

Dynamic widgets &

Automatically let your customers know about your impact by choosing from our vast library of badges that link to your public profile. Add them to your website footer, product descriptions and more.

In-cart widgets

Increase cart conversion by encouraging your customers to checkout when they see you are helping save the planet! Show each shopper exactly the impact their purchase will have with dynamically updating widgets in your cart.

Product widgets

Encourage customers to add products to their cart that support a cause they care about. Display an overlay that gives more information about your chosen impact without interfering with your purchasing journey.

Full-width banners

Completely customise the way you share your impact with customers. Use the full-width banner to display your overall stats to customers. You can customise the colours, background image and height to make it fully branded.

Partners & referrals

Become the company all of your partners love and influencers want to work with by creating your own impact network. Invite your customers, suppliers, partners or influencers and reward them with impact. Do good and become stronger together.

QR code

Help your customers build a relationship with your brand by bridging the gap between digital and physical. Quickly customise your QR code, download it and add it to your swing-tags, in-store marketing, business cards and more. Get to know your customers with real time insights on location and engagement.
"The ability to share your contribution and display your impact on your website to encourage others to do the right thing is fantastic."
Jean-francois Rupp
Owner, Alpine Nature Experience
"We love the handy widgets that we use on our website and in our emails."
Mike Davies
Founder, Prints With Personality

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