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Climate Action

Use our Climate API to integrate impact into any business use case and benefit from real time emissions insights.

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Build positive impact into any customer journey

Use sustainability as your competitive advantage by integrating our API to create unique triggers for impact generation or embed emissions calculations directly into your product.

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Integrate our API

From impact round-ups to carbon labelling we can cover your use-case. Integrate our enterprise-grade API to seamlessly calculate the footprint of your transactions and embed all of our impacts directly into your app.

Track and manage

Track your cumulative planet positive impact through your personalised dashboard. Get a quick overview or dive deep into your impact analytics and learn more about your supported projects.

Share that you care

Engage eco-conscious customers with programmatic access to our suite of shareables. Add dynamic badges and widgets throughout the entire customer journey.

Engage your customers

Bring your customers in on your impact story. Give them the ability to track their impact within a unique profile, send automated certificates, project and campaign updates and connect with them on a whole new level.

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What businesses are building with Greenspark


Add impact to every transaction and grow share of wallet. Let your merchants keep control by defining their own customer experience.


Engage your customers and empower them to directly offset their shipping emissions and add climate positive impact to all your deliveries.


Increase customer loyalty and growth by integrating impact into your online and offline retail experience. From impact at checkout to post purchase engagement


Power carbon neutral home, travel and car insurances and incentivise customers to take action or enable them to gift impact to policy beneficiaries.


Enable customers to add impact to all their travel bookings. Incentivise customers to take action and fall in love with your brand.


Make every card and transaction impactful. Reward your customers with impact by embedding Greenspark into your product.

Helping businesses achieve measurable results

Companies all over the world use Greenspark to automate their sustainability, engage their customers and grow faster. Learn how.


increase in conversions for Generous APE.


rise in review rate for health & fitness brand Shapeworld.


increase in overall revenue.

Our community impact

Together we are stronger. Check out the positive impact Greenspark members have had to date.

tonnes of CO2 offset
to date
trees planted by
our community
plastic bottles rescued
by Greenspark members

People are talking

Our ever expanding platform, wealth of knowledge and world class support make Greenspark the perfect fit for your company.
"As individuals, we care deeply about the environment and built our business to provide a net benefit. We go about this in a number of ways and Greenspark really helps us achieve it."
Ret Taylor
Co-CEO, Ned
"Easy to set up integrations, very helpful and friendly support, nicely designed choice of badges to add to our site and a good range of options for impact to add. Useful ideas in newsletters and always seem to be striving to improve."
Sky Procter
Artist & Founder, Sky Siouki
"We wanted to do even more to support our eco-friendly ethos as a company. Greenspark is both affordable and easy to integrate with our website and customer emails."
Mike Davies
Founder, Prints With Personality
"Greenspark provides an authentic solution which can easily be integrated into our existing systems, and quickly demonstrates to our customers that we are doing our bit for the environment."
Laurence Conisbee
Managing Director, Wharf Distillery

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