Bolstering Customer Loyalty and Retention Through Tree Planting

Snackfully has taken a different approach to snacking, ensuring that every trail mix, bag of nuts, protein bar, or shake leaves as much of a positive impact on the planet as possible.
December 13, 2023
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Snackfully is an online marketplace that offers healthier snacks and drinks directly to consumers and businesses.
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The UK has an undeniable affection for snacks such as crisps, nuts and popcorn, with a staggering 53% of adults eating some form of bagged treat more than once a week. So it’s no surprise that the market for these products continues to grow and is expected to be worth a staggering $9.21 Billion by 2026 (a 20% increase from 2021).

Regrettably, our passion for snacking exacts a significant toll on not only our health but the environment as well. For example, the production of a single bag of crisps guzzles up roughly 623 litres of water, equivalent to 10 showers for the average person. As for popcorn, there are roughly 40 insecticides currently registered for use in corn grown for certain popcorn brands,  including three toxic chemicals to bees.

With this in mind, businesses in the snack industry must look at ways to help meet consumer demand whilst protecting the planet. That’s why Snackfully has taken a different approach, ensuring that every trail mix, bag of nuts, protein bar, or shake leaves as much of a positive impact on the planet as possible. 

Customer Spotlight

Snackfully is an online marketplace that offers healthier snacks and drinks directly to consumers and businesses. Curating the finest foods from UK start-ups, they sell a broad range of treats and beverages from one online shop, delivering straight to homes and offices. 

Snackfully strives to be a better business for both planet and people. They actively seek out the most sustainable producers in the industry, focusing on those with the most sustainable practices, using natural ingredients and minimising waste through using only widely recycled packaging. Additionally, their team works with B Corp food producers who ethically source their produce and can provide traceability for all products used.  On top of all that, to reduce the risk of waste, they don’t overstock or work with mass-producing companies, only stocking what they need to reduce the chance of food waste. 

Snackfully aims to be a B Corp certified company themselves by the end of 2024.

Plus, when it comes to delivery, they’ve partnered with DPD to ensure their orders are carbon neutral. This positive change hasn’t impacted their superb delivery times, with many reviews applauding Snackfully’s prompt service, proving that sustainability doesn’t have to slow down business. 

“Sustainability is at the heart of the business and drives many of our decisions for the future. We are always looking for more ways to increase sustainability and are changing processes internally to begin our route to B Corp in 2024.” - Tom Mckechnie, founder. 

Snackfully and Greenspark

In August 2022, Snackfully chose to elevate its sustainable mission with Greenspark by planting a tree for every order placed. By seamlessly integrating their Shopify store with Greenspark's platform and setting up their automatic triggers, they’ve enabled their environmentally conscious strategy to operate effortlessly on autopilot.

By working with Greenspark and planting trees, they can continue their mission to support both people and the planet. Through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, Snackfully is not only planting trees, but their contributions are helping to alleviate extreme poverty in Honduras. 

“We use the Greenspark widgets on our website and include our impact in our email marketing flows, especially when users are in the welcome stage to inform their decision-making process.” 

Adding impact to their store has not only resulted in the planting of an incredible 24k trees (as of June 2023), it’s also had a positive influence on their website performance. By showcasing their climate impact throughout their customer journey using dynamic widgets and in their email marketing and social media campaigns, they’ve seen a positive uplift in key business metrics.

Since integrating Greenspark into its operations, they’ve experienced a remarkable 36% surge in customer retention. 

Alongside improvements to their customer loyalty, they have also seen a 16% increase in conversion rates and a 5% increase in average order value. 

Across the eCommerce world, loyal customers contribute up to 80% of a company's total revenue, emphasising the importance of fostering robust customer relationships, and Snackfully has found that positive climate impact is a great way to bolster customer loyalty and retention. 

Snackfully operates in an incredibly competitive market with the likes of supermarket giants and Amazon all battling for consumer’s attention. As a result, building a distinct brand that customers love is incredibly important. Their focus on being simultaneously better for their customer's health and the environment, whilst aligning with their communities ethos’, has undoubtedly helped the business to stand out. 

Now, the additional focus on sustainable impact through Greenspark has clearly struck a chord with their audience for the good of the planet and their bottom line.

“Many of our corporate customers have been very interested in our impact, which has informed their decision to go with us instead of other competitors as more and more businesses focus on sustainability.” 

Final Thoughts

Snackfully's sustainable approach showcases how making positive environmental impact in today's climate is an effective catalyst for cultivating connections and strengthening customer relationships. 

Their insightful findings also reinforce the notion that catering to consumer demand for sustainability is pivotal in meeting their customer base's needs and improving key business metrics.

If you'd like to learn how to achieve similar results within your business, one of our team would be happy to speak with you. Email us or book a call with us today to learn more!

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