Engage your customers

Bring your customers in on your impact story. Give them the ability to track their impact within a unique profile, send automated certificates, project and campaign updates and connect with them on a whole new level.

What on earth is a Customer Impact Wallet?

Give your customers a unique profile to track & share their impact.
Help them gain a deeper understanding of what their impact really means.
Send automated certificates, project and campaign updates and create much deeper relationships by connecting with your customers on a whole new level.
Set sustainability targets & achievements that you would like to share and engage your customers in your sustainability mission.
Did we mention that it’s free?*

And what will my customers receive?

Their own personalised (free!) dashboard where they can track all their impact through purchases, reviews and email sign-ups.
A place to store certificates and badges for all their environmental achievements.
Regular updates on the projects they’re supporting and the latest in sustainability news.
Encouraged to share the positive climate impact they’ve made with their friends and family, and inspire them to join their mission too.
The ability to add their own specific impact, support your mission further, and take part in more sustainable activities.

It’s benefiting the planet but how is it benefiting my business?

Maximise affinity with your brand's sustainability mission and build a loyal and active customer base.
Create an entirely new and dynamic touchpoint for your customer base to increase repeat visitors and purchases.
Increase community engagement and share-ability by showcasing your impact story, sustainability strategy and supported projects.
Gain deeper insights into what your customers care about and which customers are most in tune with positive impact.
“Environmental impact is something our customers and teams care deeply about. Greenspark helps us take measurable and meaningful action across our business.”
Elliot Blackler
Co-Founder, Evopure
"The ability to share your contribution and display your impact on your website to encourage others to do the right thing is fantastic."
Jean-francois Rupp
Owner, Alpine Nature Experience

Start making a positive impact today

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