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Bring your customers in on your impact story. Give them the ability to track their impact within a unique profile, send automated certificates, project and campaign updates and connect with them on a whole new level.

Introducing the Customer Impact Wallet

Give your customers a unique profile to keep track of and share their impact.
Show them meaningful comparisons so they can truly understand the significance of their impact.
Automatically send certificates, project updates, and campaign news, building stronger connections with your customers.
Set sustainability goals and achievements to involve your customers in your green mission.
And the best part? It's completely free for your customers!

And what will your customers receive?

A personalised dashboard where they can watch their impact grow, access to tailored content and new ways to engage with your sustainable activities.
A place to store certificates and badges for all their environmental achievements.
Regular updates on the projects they’re supporting and the latest in sustainability news.
Shareables of their positive climate impact, to send to friends and family, and inspire them to join their mission too.

How does it benefit your business?

Strengthen your brand's sustainability mission and gain a loyal and engaged customer base.
Create a fresh and dynamic interaction point for your customers, encouraging repeat visits and purchases.
Boost community engagement and shareability by showcasing your impact story, sustainability strategy, and supported projects.
Gain deeper insights into your customers' values and identify those most aligned with positive impact.
Greenspark ties in with our own ethical credentials and we couldn't be happier! The team are super responsive and helpful. Great on price and we can't think of one reason why anyone would not want to join this growing community to help plant trees, get rid of plastics!
Netty Wilson
Director, Budeful
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