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Choose the perfect plan for your business and take tangible, sustainable action that’s great for the planet and your company's performance. Having a positive impact has never been easier!
Yearly (save up to 25%)


per month, billed yearly
per month
  • Create impact with vetted climate projects
  • Up to 1 user account
  • Up to 1 active integration with basic automations
  • Dashboard to track and manage your impact
  • Public profile, dynamic widgets and badges
  • Basic media pack of shareable content
  • Offset your team’s carbon & plastic footprints
  • 1 extra tree planted each month
14 day free trial


per month, billed yearly
per month
  • All Starter features, plus:
  • Up to 3 integrations with advanced automations
  • Up to 3 user accounts
  • Limited post-purchase engagement suite
  • QR codes for physical engagement
  • Network feature to reward partners
  • Advanced analytics
  • 25 extra trees planted each month
14 day free trial


per month, billed yearly
per month
  • All Growth features, plus:
  • Unlimited integrations with advanced automations
  • Up to 8 user accounts
  • Full post-purchase engagement suite
  • Full API access for custom integrations
  • Full media pack
  • Priority technical and campaign support
  • Enhanced onboarding
  • 50 extra trees planted each month
14 day free trial


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  • All Premium features, plus:
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Whitelabel options
  • Personalised project sourcing
  • Custom SLA
14 day free trial
Compare all plan features
Collaborate with your team and manage who has access to your Greenspark account.
Private dashboard
Offset your team  
Add monthly subscriptions to offset your team members carbon & plastic footprints. Create your Earth Positive workforce and attract the best talent.
Add manual impact
Easily plant trees, rescue plastic or offset CO2 from within your dashboard.
Trees automatically planted
Each month we plant extra trees on your behalf. These will appear in your dashboard automatically.
1 / month
25 / month
50 / month
Engagement hub
Public profile 
Share your impact with your community with a personalised public profile.
Badges & Widgets
Showcase your impact across your site and throughout the full customer journey with dynamic widgets that incentivise action.
QR Code
Your QR code links to your public profile. Use it on swing tags, flyers, business cards, or in-store merchandising to bridge the gap between the digital and physical elements of your impact story.
Customer Impact Wallet
Bring your customers in on your impact story. Give them the ability to track their impact within a unique profile, send automated certificates, project and campaign updates and connect with them on a whole new level.
Media pack
Integrations & Automations
Active integrations
Set your impact on autopilot by  integrating your shop, email marketing and reviews platform.
Basic automations
Basic automations include all newsletter and reviews triggers as well as impact per order for e-commerce integrations.
Advanced automations
Advanced automations include all of our available triggers.
Refer partners
Give and receive environmental impact with every partner you successfully refer.
Reward partners
Reward your chosen partners with selected impact every month.
Basic analytics
Gain a better understanding of the impact you’ve made and what that means for your business.
Advanced  analytics
Deep dive into your impact analytics. Learn more about your impact and how your community is engaging with your environmental mission. 
Widget API
Easily display our widgets and badges anywhere or create your own. The Widget API provides you with full design flexibility.
Greenspark API
Use the Greenspark API to seamlessly integrate impact into any business use case.
5000 calls
Chat & email support
Technical support
Priority campaign support
Receive 1-2-1 support from our marketing team to help you successfully run impact based campaigns. 
Developer success
Impact pricing
Tree planting
$0.20 / tree
$0.20 / tree
$0.20 / tree
Ocean-bound plastic rescuing
$0.05 / bottle
$0.05 / bottle
$0.05 / bottle
CO2 Offsetting
$0.01 / kg
$0.01 / kg
$0.01 / kg
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Your questions, answered

​​Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
All of our plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis and can be cancelled at any time.
How can I estimate my impact volume?
This number depends on several factors, but generally it’s calculated by multiplying your number of monthly events (for example orders, newsletter signups, etc) by your chosen impact (planting trees, rescuing plastic, offsetting carbon) that you perform each month. We’re here to help you figure this out! Get in touch.
Is the free trial really free?
During your free trial you will not be charged with a recurring fee, however any impact you create will be billed unless you cancel during your trial period.
Where will my trees be planted?
Your trees will be planted at our site in Nicaragua in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. You’ll plant diverse native species that ensure the greatest benefit to the local ecosystem. The project supports local communities through fair wages and labour to plant, nurture, and protect each of your trees.
How is plastic rescued?
In partnership with Plastic Bank you’ll rescue plastic from areas in South East Asia hit hardest by the plastic pollution crisis. Local communities are employed with a fair living wage to retrieve plastic from the landscape. It can then be recycled into new products, avoiding the need for new plastic.
How is the carbon offset?
You’ll support carbon offsetting projects around the world that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Each project is vetted and verified by the UN to ensure their validity and quality. By funding these projects and absorbing a specific amount of carbon related to your carbon footprint, you can counteract your own emissions to reduce your overall impact on the planet.
How do I know my impact is actually happening?
Transparency is central to our mission so we keep public ledgers of every transaction to ensure you feel confident of exactly where your money is going.

All our partners are highly vetted and meet industry leading standards.
How do I share this with my community?
We give you the tools necessary to share your positive impact. Such as a public profile that you embed directly into your site and share through social media, or email marketing. Plus widgets and badges you can add to your website to dynamically show your impact totals.
What is an earth positive workforce?
We give you the tools necessary to share your positive impact. Such as a public profile that you embed directly into your site and share through social media, or email marketing. Plus widgets and badges you can add to your website to dynamically show your impact totals.
What is a Greenspark Footprint?
1 Greenspark Footprint = 17 tonnes of CO2.  We created the “Greenspark Footprint” based on global averages and data to ensure that every Greenspark member is effectively offsetting a sufficient amount of Carbon Dioxide to fight climate change.
Want more detail? 1 Mads Footprint is calculated to align with the climate goal to keep global temperatures from rising more than 1.5C by 2030, as set about by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Paris Agreement in 2016. According to the latest Emissions Gap Report 2019 published by the United Nations Environment Programme, we must reduce global emissions by 55% to stay on track with the goals set out in the Paris Agreement to mitigate global temperature rise. The report also highlights the fact that higher income countries emit a disproportionate amount of global Green House Gases, with G20 nations accounting for nearly 80% of global emissions. Therefore, to calculate our Greenspark Footprint, we used World Bank data to determine the average per capita carbon footprint of High Income Nations, which is 10.9 tonnes of CO2 per capita. We then increased this figure by an additional 55%, to stay in line with the Paris Agreement as outlined by the UNEP Emissions Gap Report.  This brings the total necessary carbon offset to 16.86 (10.9+5.96), rounded up to 17 tonnes of CO2 for greater impact. While all data sets and averages have limitations, we will always be 100% transparent in our calculations and will continue to re-evaluate our methodology using trusted data sources so we can effectively fight the climate madness together.
Why should I Get Greenspark?
Never before has sustainability been such an influential factor in purchasing decisions. Greenspark is a great way to show your employees, stakeholders, and customers that you are serious about championing for a better, more sustainable future. Let's stop the climate madness together!
What else can I do to help end the climate crisis?
Greenspark is a great step towards creating a culture that values sustainability in your workplace. But it’s not the only answer! Talk with your team about what other steps you can take as a company to reduce your impact and how you can further align your business practices with the Paris Climate Agreement.
Is this tax deductible?
While we can't offer tax advice, most business expenses are tax deductible. Please check with your accountant.
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People are talking

"Easy to set up integrations, very helpful and friendly support, nicely designed choice of badges to add to our site and a good range of options for impact to add. Useful ideas in newsletters and always seem to be striving to improve."
Sky Procter
Artist & Founder, Sky Siouki
"As individuals, we care deeply about the environment and built our business to provide a net benefit. We go about this in a number of ways and Greenspark really helps us achieve it."
Ret Taylor
Co-CEO, Ned
"We love how simple it is to integrate with WooCommerce, automating how many trees we plant, how much plastic we remove from the ocean and offsetting our carbon footprint. And the handy widgets that we use on our website and in our emails."
Mike Davies
Founder, Prints With Personality
"Greenspark provides an authentic solution which can easily be integrated into our existing systems, and quickly demonstrates to our customers that we are doing our bit for the environment."
Laurence Conisbee
Managing Director, Wharf Distillery
"The ability to share your contribution and display it on your website to encourage others to do the right thing is fantastic."
Jean-francois Rupp
Owner, Alpine Nature Experience
“Environmental impact is something our customers and teams care deeply about. Greenspark helps us take measurable and meaningful action across our business.”
Elliot Blackler
Co-Founder, Evopure
"Greenspark really was a no brainer for us. As a brand looking to further its social responsibility, it’s allowed us to be transparent with our positive impact and actively support the case for climate reform. It’s helped our business enormously and is now a firm part of the brands’ sustainability plan."
Keri Andriana
CEO & Founder, Amschela
"We love Greenspark due to the easy to use dashboard which enables us to do good in the world and create a positive impact for every employee within seconds! We are looking forward to the future and can recommend Greenspark to every business."
Johannes Benz
Managing Director, Raidboxes