Easily manage
your impact

Save time by managing and automating your sales driven impact strategy within the Greenspark ecosystem.

Your dashboard

Get an overview by tracking your cumulative positive impact through your personalised dashboard. See how much impact you have had, put it all into context with equivalents and unlock new achievements.

Add impact

Easily offset carbon, plant trees and rescue plastic, run individual campaigns and manage your integrations.

Share that you care

Engage your customers and rally them around your brand by sharing your public Greenspark profile, embedding dynamic widgets accross your site or even bring it all into the physical world with personalised qr codes.

Manage your team

Delight your team by compensating their carbon and plastic footprints. Easily add and remove team members to create your Earth Positive workforce.

Supported Projects

You directly support planet positive projects that are vetted and verified to ensure the greatest possible social and environmental impact.

Public Ledger

We keep a public ledger of every payment we have made to projects so that you can be sure where your money goes.

Start making a positive impact today