Exploring Amschela's Dedication To Positive Climate Action & Animal Welfare

Showcasing Amschela's commitment to sustainable fashion. By focusing on vegan materials, ethical practices, and environmental initiatives like tree planting and plastic rescue, Amschela has seen a phenomenal response from their customers who love their conscious ethos.
February 23, 2024
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A look into Amschela's commitment to transparency and sustainability and the positive response from their community of shoppers.
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Increasing Customer Engagement

As demand for vegan food grows, it’s no surprise that vegan textiles and clothing have rapidly become a staple in many households. A report by The Vegan Society found that 48% of British shoppers want more vegan items made accessible across all fashion categories, and 73.5% would be willing to pay more for plant-based clothing than animal-sourced products. 

One popular clothing category, vegan leather, has experienced remarkable growth, propelled by the heightened consciousness among consumers regarding sustainability and animal welfare. As of 2022, the Global Vegan Leather Market boasted a valuation of $61.5 million, with projections indicating it will soar to $106 million by 2030. 

While this surge in interest in plant-based materials has seen high-end designers such as Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton fill their fashion lines with faux leather, it’s also inspired other designer fashion brands such as Amschela to take this increased demand a step further, embedding sustainability into their online stores as well as their physical products. 

Customer Spotlight

Amschela is a PETA-approved luxury design brand who are passionate about making planet-friendly fashion accessible to everyone. 

“There are only a few high-end brands that have visible sustainable outputs and a real focus on the ethical aesthetics of the products they produce. With those two thoughts in mind, Amschela felt like we had a role to play in creating affordable luxury products that were also ethical and sustainable.” - Keri Andriana, Founder.

While they take their planet-friendly products to the catwalk at huge fashion events such as London Fashion Week, Amschela has also shown their dedication to the planet by embedding sustainability into various aspects of their internal business operations. 

Opening in 2017, they pledged only to use high-quality, vegan, synthetic leather materials or textiles made from food waste. Alongside this, they only use hardware consistent with the EU Reach Standards to protect the environment and their staff from the increased use of chemicals.

Additionally their social responsibility also extends to their packaging, which is solely made from recycled and biodegradable materials in line with the guidance cited by the Forestry Commission

“By incorporating sustainability into various facets of its business, from material sourcing to community engagement, Amschela demonstrates a comprehensive commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible practices within the fashion industry.”

With the increase in demand for businesses to focus on the planet's health and animal welfare, Amschela is doing all they can to take a stand against fast fashion and the negative impact clothing can have on the environment, from sourcing to waste. 

“Ethical considerations drive our business to adopt sustainable practices. We are increasingly aware of our social and environmental impact and feel a moral obligation to minimise harm to the planet and society through our products. Operating in an ethical and responsible manner helps us to build trust with customers, employees, and stakeholders.”

Amschela & Greenspark

Amschela joined the Greenspark community in January 2022 and have been growing their impact ever since. During their time with Greenspark, they’ve planted trees, rescued ocean-bound plastic and offset CO2e in various ways, including making independent impact contributions as a brand, allowing customers to contribute to impact projects through purchasing their products and gifting environmental action as a reward during their recent Kickstarter Campaign. 

On top of this, their partnership with Greenspark has been a huge part of their social media content and engagement with their audience. 

“We have embedded our digital tracker to our Greenspark profile on our website so that our customers can access our positive impact information. We have chosen this way to showcase our impact in order for our community to have full transparency of what we are doing to help the environment and why.”

Alongside the impact that their dedication to sourcing sustainable materials has had on the planet, they’ve also planted over 500 trees, rescued over 170 ocean-bound plastic bottles and offset more than 1.15 tonnes of CO2e.

Their impact continues to make a difference to the planet daily, plus it’s also profoundly improving their key business metrics. 

Since joining Greenspark, they’ve seen a 7.3% increase in online conversions and a 6% increase in their add-to-cart rate. 

Amschela is acutely aware of the demand for more environmentally friendly clothing and accessories and is ensuring they do all they can to cater to this growing audience. With 81% of British people purposely changing their lifestyles for the sake of the planet, Amschela is enabling their customers to actively contribute to the fight against climate change when shopping for fashion items.

Amschela currently showcases their impact across their website and also regularly share updates through social media and email newsletters. Since doing so, they’ve seen a 20% increase in email subscribers.

Asmschela’s increase in subscribers clearly shows that their audience connects strongly with the action they’re taking. Consumers actively engage more with brands that make a concerted effort to protect the planet, helping these brands forge strong relationships with their customers.

This increase in engagement is also shown through their positive surge in reviews. Since becoming part of our Earth-positive community, Amschela has seen a 125% increase in review rate.

“Greenspark aligns closely with Amschela's sustainability objectives and have a track record of promoting eco-friendly and ethical practices in a focused way that adheres to making our world a better place, making them a suitable partner for advancing Amschela's sustainability initiatives.”

Amschela's firm stand on sustainable fashion has allowed them to proudly showcase their products worldwide, knowing they are doing all they can to positively impact the environment whilst engaging with their customers. 

As the demand for vegan, cruelty-free fashion continues to sore, Amshela has positioned themself as a firm, trusted and transparent player in the sustainable high-fashion industry thanks to their environmental action. 

Final Thoughts

Amschela’s dedication to the planet, not only through their physical products but through their online presence, proves that consumers are passionate about ethical fashion and are happy to pay higher prices for the good of the planet. Customers prioritise brands with a sustainable ethos and reward them with increased engagement, positive feedback and loyalty. 

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