Incentivising Customer Reviews Through Positive Climate Action

Engaging reviews and making a difference just got easier thanks to our new partnership with, a fully-rounded tech platform dedicated to helping businesses gain authentic reviews and turning testimonials into sales.
November 23, 2023
of customers would leave feedback if it benefited the environment
of consumers prefer shopping on e-commerce shops if carbon is reduced.
would sign up for newsletters if trees are being planted or plastic being removed
Build your reputation, connect with the consumer, and drive sales with feedback collection platform. Today is one of the world’s leading reviews platforms helping over 8,000 merchants gather authentic feedback.
Company size:
50 - 100
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Incentivising Reviews
Integrations:, Klaviyo, Shopify

Engaging reviews and making a difference just got easier thanks to our new partnership with, a fully-rounded tech platform dedicated to helping businesses gain authentic reviews and turning testimonials into sales.

Building a strong bank of company and product reviews can be a long process but an important one. Visitors who have read a handful of positive reviews are four times more likely to make a purchase. By partnering with, we are incentivising leaving testimonials in return for positive environmental action. 

What is Greenspark and How Does it Work with

It’s a simple concept. Through our platform, brands can support sustainability projects by assigning ‘impacts’ to certain events - like purchases and newsletter sign-ups. Those impacts include planting trees, removing plastic from our oceans, and offsetting carbon emissions. 

Our integration with means that you can now incentivise customer feedback by assigning your chosen impact (or impacts - you can select more than one) for every company and/or product review submitted. For example, a customer leaves a product review for their recent purchase, and a tree is planted in recognition of their feedback. 

It’s a simple and effective way to promote a better future, and the benefits extend beyond positive environmental change:

It creates a more meaningful interaction between brand and client - you empower the customer to be a part of a climate action project.

It encourages loyalty - sustainability is highly influential in purchase decisions so in promoting it, you increase customer retention and LTV.

It drives review collection - because a positive impact is made on their behalf, the customer is more inclined to leave a review, meaning you generate much higher volumes of powerful UGC.

Customer Spotlight

An early adopter of our integration with, Shape World has been encouraged and supported in the process by eCommerce agency, ondevi. 

As a German brand, Shape World exists in the vitamin and supplements space, with products that aid in diet and weight management. Building trust and proving efficacy are incredibly important in this market, so authentic reviews are essential. The brand turned to ondevi to help implement an effective review strategy, and make positive change a part of its efforts.

Two of the biggest challenges for Shape World was gathering product reviews from previous customers and meeting their sustainability goals. The combination of Greenspark/ was the perfect solution for them.” Tobias Pawlik, ondevi 

On ondevi’s recommendation, Shape World switched to and used the Review Booster feature to backdate the review collection. They also suggested joining our community and integrating Shape World’s best-of-breed tech stack - with measurable positive impact:

  • Klaviyo - one bottle out of the ocean for every email sign-up
  • Shopify - 1kg of C02 offset for each order placed
  • - one tree planted for every review submitted

Shape World’s research has shown that 86% of its customers would leave feedback if it benefited the environment, and since implementing the integration in early January, the brand has collected 219 positive reviews.  

84% would sign up for company newsletters if trees are being planted or plastic being removed out of the ocean, 89% prefer shopping on e-commerce shops if carbon is reduced.

“Current results indicate that users are more likely to leave a review and subsequently place another order if they can do something beneficial for the environment through their actions.” - Schabnam Wahid, Shape World

All in all, the strategy has elevated review collection for Shape World, driving product page conversions and giving the brand authentic content for marketing campaigns. It’s boosted its presence on Google Shopping, and it hopes it will increase influencer acquisition - creating a bond between Shape World and the growing number of influencers backing brands with strong eco-credentials.

And of course, with every email sign-up, purchase, and subsequent review, Shape World and its customers are taking part in impactful sustainability initiatives.  

Why Green Initiatives Make Good Business

The climate crisis is real, and we think it’s pretty crucial that every business plays a part in turning things around. Integrating with our platform makes this simple by being easy to implement and cost-effective.

But there are other incentives for going green beyond our opinion that it’s the right thing to do. 

Appeal to the Eco-Minded Consumer

Millennials and Gen Z see sustainability as a primary concern - and since they also hold the biggest spending power, brands need to demonstrate green credentials to connect with this profitable market.

With our partnership with, you’re not only playing your own part but enabling customers to do their bit just by going about their daily business - i.e. leaving a review for a recent purchase. 

Improve Your Reputation

Whilst review collection helps you build and maintain your customer-facing reputation, eco-initiatives boost credibility through CSR.

We are completely transparent. We keep a public ledger so you can see exactly where funds have gone, and you can track your own contribution through your business dashboard. All projects supported are also vetted and UN approved.

With greenwashing and misinformation a continuing issue, this level of transparency is key to any sustainability initiative.

Drive Brand Awareness and Engagement

As Shape World has identified, there’s a growing community of ‘green’ influencers, and the brands these persuasive voices advocate for will be those that focus on positive change.

You can also drive brand engagement by promoting your efforts. When joining our platform, you’ll get a public profile, and a library of badges and widgets to show your credentials as an ‘Earth Positive Business’. 

If you’re an existing customer, you’ll need a Greenspark subscription to get the integration up and running. It’s a simple process, but if you’ve got any questions at all just give our support team a shout.

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