A Different Approach To Black Friday

Is a new approach to Black Friday a better way to engage with your customers & do more for the planet?
September 26, 2021

That time of the year is fast approaching again! Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and infamous for its limited time offers and flash sales in the build up to the Christmas season. For some retailers it’s their biggest day for sales all year. But at what cost? The overconsumption takes a pretty heavy toll on the planet and margin slashing can be bad for profitability and brand value. So is the traditional approach to Black Friday really the best way to engage your community and create a loyal customer base, or is there a better way? 

The Impact Of Black Friday

Black Friday can be an overwhelming day - for both shoppers and retailers. The “Buy It Now While You Can!” mentality creates a shopping frenzy that is exactly the opposite of a more thoughtful approach to consumerism that our planet so desperately needs. Some brands are already turning away from the event altogether, preferring not to align themselves with the hype. For some, due to a conscious decision to forgo a holiday built on excessive consumption, and others, simply because major discounts can hurt margins or devalue brand image. But is avoiding the event altogether missing an opportunity to do something more meaningful and positive?

Value vs. values 

With environmental awareness growing, more and more shoppers are taking into account brand values when making a purchasing decision. According to Forbes, the majority of Millenial and Gen Z shoppers are willing to pay a higher price for sustainably produced items and this trend is only growing. So while Black Friday is traditionally all about getting the best value for money, it's also the perfect time for companies to communicate their own brand values to their audience.

By doing this, companies have the opportunity to create a deeper connection with their community - ultimately fostering more meaningful long-term engagement and interaction. Something that builds true brand value, a loyal customer base, and importantly, consistent long term profits. 

Harnessing the power of Black Friday for good

As a conscious brand, it may be tempting to boycott Black Friday altogether. But, what if you took Black Friday one step further, and actually made it a force for good? In 2020, over 100 million shoppers participated in Black Friday sales. If a tree was planted for every purchase, think about the impact that could create! Whilst the amount of consumption wouldn’t have changed, the result would be undeniably more beneficial for the planet.

This year you could consider the same approach and offer your customers tangible environmental benefits, like tree planting, with their purchase, instead of (or alongside) discounts. That way you’d be creating an engaging and environmentally aware story to your Black Friday campaign that connects more with your community and makes you stand out from the crowd. Not only would that be positive for your business, but positive for the planet too!

If engaging your community with environmental action is something you’d like to explore, we'd love to help. At Greenspark we provide a platform through which you can attach automated positive impact to every sale on your store in just a few clicks. If you’re interested to find out more, take a look at how it works here or drop us an email on

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