5 Reasons Planting Trees is Critical For The Planet

There are many ways that we can all help fight in the war against climate change, which makes it easy to forget about the benefit of simply planting more trees.

There are many ways that we can all help fight in the war against climate change, whether that’s reducing our use of single-use plastics, being cautious of the energy we use, or moving towards more sustainable forms of travel. With all that, it’s easy to forget that one of the best things we can do for our planet is to simply plant trees. 

Trees have a multitude of benefits. From being aesthetically pleasing, and boosting our mental health, to educating communities and encouraging people to get outdoors; trees really are quite amazing. But most importantly, trees are one of the best tools in our arsenal to fight the war against climate change due to the magnitude of positive impacts that just a handful of them can make to the planet.

Trees are sponges when it comes to carbon. 

For decades, a tree can absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it in its trunks and roots. According to Earthwatch, just one tree can absorb as much as 22kg in a year, and by the time that tree reaches 40 years old, it will have trapped around one tonne of carbon. One tree alone produces enough oxygen a day for four people while an acre of trees can provide 18 people with the oxygen they need for a whole year.

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They’re beneficial for the soil. 

Trees and soil are like best friends - they work together. The tree absorbs the carbon and other noxious substances from the soil which reduces soil erosion, increases fertility and helps the growth of plants and crops. Fallen leaves help the soil retain moisture and lower the temperature and when the leaves decay, they turn into healthy nutrients for the soil. 

In return, the soil stores the water, nitrogen and minerals that trees need to survive. Also, as a base for the tree’s roots, the soil provides a stable anchor for the tree to grow.

They strengthen communities.

Woodlands bring people together. Birdwatchers, hikers, children’s groups and lovers of flowers often come together in wooded areas. Not only for entertainment but trees provide education and learning opportunities for everyone. Learning about them and the ecosystem they serve helps us encourage the future generation to protect these critical components of our natural world.

Aside from this, trees provide jobs. For small and more rural areas, trees provide communities with jobs that wouldn’t exist should we continue to lose trees at the rate we are currently.   

They’re critical for biodiversity.

Woodlands are home to vast amounts of wildlife from birds, insects, squirrels and bats, and they provide shelter to plants on the forest floor. The trees have a critical role in the ecosystem by providing food, security and shade to the natural world around them, they reduce the risk of diseases, pests and natural disasters that can have a dangerous impact on the area.

They prevent water pollution. 

When stormwater runs over paths, roads and concrete, it collects nutrients and pollutants which are harmful to the health of our canals, rivers and oceans. Trees prevent the rain from crashing against the floor and help the clean water seep into the soil without the risk of toxic pollutants.

That's only five benefits planting trees has to the world around us but there are plenty more. So are you convinced?

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