Increasing Engagement Through Social Media and Environmental Impact

Generous APE increased online conversions by 80% and social engagement by 360%.
December 13, 2023
increase in revenue during the campaign
increase in online conversions
increase in Instagram engagement
Generous APE
Generous APE is an online, sustainable marketplace with over 200 brand partners who share their values of fair treatment of animals, people and the environment. Built to incubate sustainable brands, inspire conscious consumption and innovate the retail industry, sustainability is at the very heart of their DNA. Generous APE believes that sustainable development and innovation are what retail must focus on in order to change our desperate climate situation.
Company size:
5 - 10
United Kingdom
Use case:
Increase website conversions and social engagement

Running campaigns on social media with discounts or free gifts is an extremely popular marketing strategy, taking up a lot of time, resources and budget. However, Generous APE has proven that digital campaigns can be more effective when environmental impact is offered as a reward instead of discounts, as they saw an 80% increase in online conversions with their Black Friday digital campaign. 

With 3.2 billion daily active social media users, it comes as no surprise that retailers typically spend 20% of their total marketing budget on social media campaigns and advertising.

Requiring months of planning and preparation, it’s important to maximise return on investment. Traditional approaches such as Black Friday Sales can prove effective but modern consumers aren't only influenced by price.

That’s why Generous APE utilised our platform to run a digital campaign for Black Friday offering impact as an incentive instead of discounts or free gifts.

Campaign Spotlight

While known for being great for consumer discounts, Black Friday has a substantial negative impact on the environment. A report from estimated that on Black Friday in 2020, online shopping contributed a staggering 429,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent of taking a return flight from London to Sydney 136,000 times. 

Generous APE took a different approach to Black Friday 2021, focussing on positive climate action through their Green is The New Black campaign rather than discounted sales. For this, they advertised their promise to plant a tree for every order made between the 26th and 29th of November. 

Green is the new black
We definitely saw how people loved seeing the action of us using the campaign to promote an environmental initiative. It not only helped conversion rate but the rate of returning customers also.” - Hugo Empson, founder of Generous APE

During the week of their campaign, Generous APE saw a 171% increase in revenue as well as an 80% increase in online conversions. 

Their Instagram channel, @thegenerousape, saw an increase of 360% in engagement compared to all other November posts (on average) and these are still the most liked images to date. 

Their Instagram reel also saw 5% more engagement than other reels shared within the previous 6 months on average.

“Greenspark has really helped with our communication of impact deliverables, and makes it simple to tie in impact to activations and competitions as well.” - Hugo Empson, Generous APE

Alongside social media success, Generous APE’s Black Friday email marketing campaign saw a spike in click-through rate when impact as a reward was mentioned. They believe that adding environmental impact to this campaign helped make it a success.

“We found that people could connect the purchase with a purpose, and it really helped to keep people engaged with the content we were putting out.”

After the campaign and all online purchases were counted, Generous APE planted 1,000 trees on their customer’s behalf.

Final Thoughts

Due to the resounding success of their Green Is The New Black campaign, Generous APE are planning to run future campaigns with impact incentives using the Greenspark platform. However, their next campaign plans to focus on plastic and ocean waste, using our partnership The Plastic Bank.

Hugo says they’ll continue to use Greenspark for their digital campaigns.

“Greenspark makes it so simple and easy to donate to truly trustworthy organizations. It also has great deliverables and a brilliant dashboard to manage and navigate. It makes giving back seamless, and lets me trust in a system which has done the due diligence for me. It offers flexible and tangible impacts, which are simple to implement and action through the dashboard.”

Reach out to us if you want to increase conversions and add positive environmental action to your social media campaigns. You can book a demo directly here or drop send us an email here.

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