Increasing Customer Satisfaction Through Climate-Positive Skincare

SERUMIZE's unwavering commitment towards sustainability, viewing it as a fundamental value and moral responsibility is reflected throughout their climate action and the eco-consious considerations throughout their product line.
December 13, 2023
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SERUMIZE simplifies skincare with precision-driven, science-backed solutions, aiming to replace complex routines with streamlined, impactful results.
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Skincare routines can be complex and hard to navigate for consumers. Especially those who are seeking to find staple products they can use day in- and day out. The demand for simplicity is apparent, with research showing that a staggering 76% of Brits feel overwhelmed by the skincare market.

Alongside this aversion to overly complicated skincare is a growing demand for consumers wishing to buy in line with their values. There are a growing number of shoppers who are looking to shop with cosmetics brands that implement sustainable practices. Research shows that as many as 9 out of 10 shoppers look for sustainability credentials in their beauty and personal care purchases. Encapsulating the importance sustainability holds in the hearts of today’s consumers.

When scouring the market to identify the skincare brands working to combat these pain points, we can see that companies such as SERUMIZE rise above the crowd. Their carefully curated and easy-to-use products satisfy the need for simplicity whilst providing a way for consumers to contribute to positive climate action.

‘We're on a mission to replace complex 12-step routines with streamlined, robust solutions. Each product is designed for maximum impact and convenience, boosting your confidence with every application’ -  SERUMIZE

Customer Spotlight 

Equiped with a background in Biochemistry and Medical Aesthetics, Elizabeth Shabi, Founder of SERUMIZE, set out to create an innovative solution to combat common skin concerns and confusion around the puzzling multi-step skincare routines. The mission of guidance and support for consumers is apparent with the brand, allowing shoppers who land on their website an option to shop by skin type, skin concern, category of product or by system. The brand goes a step further by having curated a quiz to help shoppers find their skincare routine and has also provided informational guides such as ‘What are Ceramides’ And ‘How Do They Work In Skincare’ to assist consumers in gaining a better understanding of skincare. 

Aside from SERUMIZES's development of science-driven, uncomplicated skin care products, the brand works rigorously to evolve along its sustainability journey. A few examples of this can be seen with the steps SERUMIZE has taken to minimise plastic usage by an incredible 98% by switching their packaging components to glass. They have also taken the initiative to implement recyclable paper within their packaging with an overarching goal to limit single-use plastic and limit waste. While also promoting animal welfare with their products being cruelty-free.

Their attitude towards educating consumers doesn't stop at skincare. In fact it transcends into sustainability, with the company’s investment in content that showcases ways in which you can upcycle their products. 

'Sustainability is at the core of SERUMIZE for a multitude of heartfelt reasons. We're not just performative about it; we believe it's our moral responsibility. Our planet provides us with so much, and it's only fair that we reciprocate by making thoughtful, eco-conscious choices' - SERUMIZE

SERUMIZE and Greenspark

In February 2022 SERUMIZE joined the Greenspark community to elevate their sustainability commitments. 

By seamlessly integrating their Shopify store with Greenspark’s platform and easy-to-use automations, SERMUIZE have given themselves the space to contribute to positive climate action on behalf of their customers.

The brand has utilised their Greenspark automations and communication tools within various areas of their platform. Including their website banner, dedicated sustainability page, customer cart, email campaigns and more. Helping them encourage eco-conscious choices and further build transparency with consumers looking to buy in line with their values. 

Since joining the platform SERUMIZE have planted an impressive 424 trees and have rescued 1,051 plastic bottles.

The joining of Greenspark, not only helped the brand from an impact perspective but has also supported their overall customer engagement mission. SERUMIZE reported that an impressive 5000 of its newsletter subscribers are passionate about sustainability, and actively consider it as key within their purchasing decisions.

Moreover, the brand has seen a 15% increase in their ‘add to cart rate’ and directly attribute this to the visibility of their Greenspark widgets highlighting their sustainable action. Showcasing that their customers are highly engaged with their impact and that they appreciate the transparency and ethical commitment SERUMIZE has taken. 

‘Our partnership with Greenspark is driven by shared values and expertise. Their deep knowledge in sustainability, collaborative approach, innovative solutions, transparency, and focus on building a sustainability community align perfectly with our vision for a greener future. This partnership empowers us to create a more significant impact together’ - SERUMIZE

Final Thoughts

SERUMIZES’s intentionality around the formulation of their product lines and vision for sustainability perfectly embodies their care for both people and planet. 

Their thoughtful approach to skincare and proactive approach to climate action have helped them foster a higher level of trust throughout their community and prospective shoppers who may come across their brand. 

These proactive steps give a clear depiction of how sustainable action met with listening to customer needs can strengthen engagement, community and success within the skincare space. 

If you'd like to learn how to achieve similar results within your business, one of our team would be happy to speak with you. Email us, or book a call with us today to learn more!

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