How Gamified Giving Back Through Their Do Good Dash showcases its commitment to both people and the planet through its 'Do Good Dash' a brand new event created to prioritise giving back, community and positive climate action.
April 2, 2024
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About are on a mission to build happier teams, through virtual and in-person team-building events.
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Incorporating positive climate impact as part of an event

In recent years, the concept of remote work has reshaped the landscape of traditional office culture. Fueled by advancements in technology, shifting attitudes towards work-life balance, and the global COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become not just a perk but a necessity for many businesses and employees worldwide.  

With 1 in 4 UK workers, now working a hybrid work week, the rise in remote work has meant that maintaining team connection and unity has never been more important. With the advent of online group activities, businesses like have found innovative ways to foster team cohesion and create meaningful experiences for their employees, even in virtual settings. The shift to online activities has not only provided convenience but also presented an opportunity to reduce carbon footprint by connecting without the need for travel.

Customer Spotlight is on a mission to build happier teams through virtual and in-person team-building experiences. Founded by Tasia Duske and Michael Alexis, the company has worked with renowned organisations like Apple, Amazon, Google, and NASA, delivering impactful events that span group activities, professional development, sustainability, diversity, and wellness. Their events have earned over 50,000 five-star reviews and have reached nearly 1,000,000 participants, offering workforces a fun and engaging way to connect with their team.  

‘With everything I do, including creating, I believe in “throwing starfish ''; a metaphor adapted from Loren Eisley’s “The Star Thrower” showing that even the smallest actions can make a positive difference in this’s mission is to build happier teams and our hosts do so through quick, fun, and meaningful 45-90 minute team building events. With each event, hosts lean into moments of connection and joy, each with the power of making a positive difference for those participants and teams’

- Tasia Duske 

Sustainability is a core value for By defying expectations and challenging themselves to be the best, they aim to inspire meaningful change throughout their community. As a 100% remote company, reduces its carbon footprint by eliminating employee commute times and operating in a paperless environment. Additionally, they integrate sustainability into their culture through events like Earth Day scavenger hunts, which promote sustainable practices in a fun and engaging manner.

‘During our Earth Day scavenger hunt, teams learn about sustainability together and compete by taking a variety of sustainability-focused micro-actions such as recycling, reduced meat meals, low waste food prep, energy saving and more. We’ve found friendly competition, along with bite-size actions, is a great way to introduce the sustainable practice in a way that is manageable and less overwhelming'

- Tasia Duske & Greenspark partnered with Greenspark to create their "Do Good Dash", a brand-new event focused on positive social and climate action. The event not only helps address its own internal impact objectives but also meets growing demand amongst employees and consumers wanting to do more for the planet; Something that sees a noticeable spike around holidays such as Thanksgiving. This demand is continually growing and is increasingly being acknowledged among businesses, with 88% of public companies now having ESG initiatives such as charitable giving. 

The "Do Good Dash" lasts 45 minutes and encourages teams to engage in giving back through various games, and activities. Within their “Charitriva” activity, participants are asked a series of trivia questions and for every question answered, real contributions are made live to an environmental impact project of their choice; such as tree planting and ocean-bound plastic rescue. This is facilitated and tracked through the Greenspark platform, and using our user-friendly dashboard, the event host can seamlessly and instantly select the requested projects on behalf of the participants, making an impact at the click of a button. 

‘We love Greenspark’s user-friendly platform and seeing the dashboard of our individual impact. During sustainability events, it is extremely uplifting and motivating seeing the impact dashboard being updated instantly with each donation action’

- Tasia Duske

Since integrating Greenspark into this event, they have seen overwhelmingly positive feedback from both customers and employees. The "Do Good Dash" has not only strengthened team cohesion but also contributed to significant environmental impact by rescuing 1186 ocean-bound plastic bottles, planting 674 trees and offsetting 177 kgs of CO2. Participants are motivated by the real-time impact created within the Greenspark dashboard, which showcases their collective efforts and since launching the event it has received more than 100 reviews and a 4.96/5.0 review rating. This emphasises the fulfilment individuals experience in contributing to a larger cause. The popularity of the event also highlighted that when the opportunity to give back and do good is presented, it receives a great response.

Final Thoughts

By embedding positive climate action into their events, demonstrates how doing good can bring people together and create lasting impact. Through their partnership with Greenspark, they exemplify the power of collaboration in driving environmental change while fostering team happiness and connection.

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