Turning Black Friday Green

An insight into how the Greenspark community made sustainability a part of their Black Friday campaigns in 2023.

For consumers, Black Friday is well known for its significant discounts on a variety of products. However, the environmental impact of Black Friday raises major sustainability concerns. The emphasis on mass consumption can lead to increased waste, from packaging materials to discarded items. 

  • A study by Reuseabox found that 900,000 parcels were delivered this Black Friday weekend, which contributed approximately an extra 614 tonnes of carbon emissions.
  • In the U.S., waste increases by 25% between Black Friday and the New Year. While most of this waste comes from packaging, some is due to unused items bought because of the allure of getting a good deal.
  • A staggering 1.4 million tonnes of e-waste is sent to landfill every year in the UK as a direct result of the holiday. 

In response, many consumers and brands are exploring more environmentally conscious alternatives that promote responsible consumption and mitigate the environmental consequences associated with Black Friday.

The Shift Around Black Friday 

The statistics above highlight the significant environmental impact of Black Friday and the urgent need for more sustainable consumer practices.

As a result, a growing number of brands are taking a proactive approach to reshape the narrative of Black Friday. They’re adopting greener and more sustainable practices and recognising the environmental toll associated with this consumer-driven event.

We’re proud to say that many Greenspark brands did exactly this over the 2023 Black Friday weekend, switching to a more sustainable approach focused on positive climate action. We wanted to highlight just a few of them to show some of the great things they’ve been doing and the positive impact they’ve had!

What Did Greenspark Brands Do For Black Friday?

Deed Industries

From skincare to tea, to incense, Deed Industries' diverse range of products are intentionally curated with a purpose. The brand meticulously sources its products from suppliers dedicated to greener practices, encompassing sustainable packaging, eco-friendly ingredients, and paperless operations.

In a deliberate effort to counter Black Friday's negative impact, Deed Industries made a positive change through its Greenspark partnership. For every order received, the brand pledged to remove 20 plastic bottles from the ocean, which was double the amount of plastic bottles the brand typically removes for each product. Encouraging customers to join us in fostering a cleaner environment.

“We found that the biggest positive from including Greenspark in our end-of-year campaign has been the wonderful conversations it has started between us and our customers and also our friends and followers on social media. It has been very encouraging to have so many people want to engage and discuss. It has also been wonderful to have so many other businesses reach out and ask about how they can look at doing something similar in the future”
  • Deed Industries


With a mission to deliver quality wheelsets, Parcours specialises in equipping your bike with the best wheels for the road. However, the brand’s intentionality doesn't stop at its wheelsets as it is further extended towards its active work around sustainability.

A key reflection of their dedication towards sustainability can be seen through their Black Friday offering, which meant that for every wheelset purchased, they would double their efforts to rescue and recycle plastic bottles on each product. In this case, it meant doubling the impact they normally create per product sold. For instance, their Chrono wheelset which usually rescues 50 plastic bottles, was set to rescue 100 plastic bottles as part of their Black Friday campaign. Helping consumers elevate their cycling experience while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Het Faire Oosten

Het Faire Oosten's extensive collection of sustainable products means there's something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for clothing items or homeware. The brand's dedication to providing a variety of sustainable options for their customers is immense, and this Black Friday, they took it to a whole other level! 

The company opted for a meaningful alternative on the day, in the form of “Repair Friday”. Not only did the brand continue to rescue plastic bottles, plant trees and offset carbon emissions through their Greenpsark collaboration. They also collaborated with one of their fair fashion brands, Faguo, to organise a seamstress at the store. All repairs were free for customers, and the seamstress offered complimentary tutorials on how to achieve simple repairs, such as sewing on a button. 

In addition, the brand also used patches from its biggest jeans brand, Kings Of Indigo, to repair garments and gave away free patches to customers who bought jeans on the day. The event stimulated customers to embrace, reuse and repair clothing, counteracting overconsumption and giving an open-armed welcome to self-efficiency. 

“The response of our customers was great, and we even had people going home and coming back with some clothes that needed to be repaired.” 
  • Anice Bakker Het Faire Oosten

Pinks Boutique

Pink’s Boutique is an organic certified, vegan skincare brand offering quality products to make shoppers feel empowered and confident within their skin. From luxurious cleansers and toners to rich, active ingredients, each item is carefully crafted to embody precision and care.

This Black Friday, Pink’s Boutique demonstrated its commitment towards sustainability by doubling the number of trees planted for each of their certified organic and vegan skincare products. Not only offering customers an exclusive 35% discount on products but building a positive climate impact whilst doing so. 

Darzi Clothing

Darzi Clothing's mission is simple yet powerful: durable and timeless menswear that is designed for life. Made from 100% natural and sustainably sourced materials, Darzi offers authentic and classic clothing for both smart and casual occasions.

This Black Friday, Darzi Clothing decided that, instead of discounting items, they would instead take a step to offer clothing repairs to customers. Darzi extended this warm invitation through social media, announcing, “If your faithful old Darzi gilet is starting to show its age, feel free to reach out, and we'll happily see what we can do to help get it back in shape”. Within the same campaign, the brand also announced its collaboration with Greenspark - pledging to plant a tree for every order placed going forward. Showcasing their active steps to not only combat fast fashion but also to work towards a sustainable future.

Final Thoughts 

It's fantastic to see our brands take such intentional steps around sustainability on such an important day for retail. Showing that you can be committed to sustainability whilst also participating in Black Friday. 

The ray of unique offerings shows the endless possibilities in engaging consumers whilst making a positive climate impact.

If you’d like to learn how your brand can focus on positive impact in the same way, feel free to reach out to our team via email, or you can learn more here.

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