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No need for technical skills, choose from our ever growing library of integrations and connect your systems in seconds. Save valuable time and set your impact strategy on autopilot.
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Add impact to every order

Increase customer life time value and elevate your brand by easily adding impact to every order. Choose your impact and our automation engine will make sure your dashboard, widgets and public profile are updated in real time.

Product-level impact

Run specific product and category campaigns with granular control over which impact is added to your products. Take your customers on your sustainability journey by automatically adding badges to your product descriptions.

Basket-based impact

Rally your customers around your mission and drive up average order value by setting impact above a certain basket size or rewarding your customers with extra impact once they pass the desired order value.

Tiered spend level

Give your customers an additional incentive to spend more in your store by having an impact for every ‘x’ amount spent per order (i.e 3x spend = 3x impact). This ensures you maximise your impact on every order while staying within clearly defined limits.

Portion of sales

Great for brands that want to give a designated percentage of their sales to their chosen impact and showcase their commitment. Choose the impact you would like to have as well as the percentage and let our platform do the rest.

Newsletter subscribers

Incentivise new newsletter subscribers by offering an impact for signing up. Simply integrate your email service, turn on the automation and let our system do the rest.


Reviews are important to collect but difficult to get. Incentivise subscribers by offering an impact for each product or company review! Its quick and easy to integrate your reviews platform and choose your automation.
"We love how simple it is to integrate with WooCommerce, automating how many trees we plant, how much plastic we remove from the ocean and offsetting our carbon footprint.
Mike Davies
Founder, Prints With Personality
"Greenspark provides an authentic solution which can easily be integrated into our existing systems, and quickly demonstrates to our customers that we are doing our bit for the environment."
Laurence Conisbee
Managing Director, Wharf Distillery

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